Avast is the ultimate software that helps to keep your device safer by automatically redirecting to the secure site. Avast Premium Security or Avast Subscription package is the full-scale suite enabled with the antivirus, secure deletion, robust firewall along with a wealth of bonus features. These are suitable options for you to easily get complete benefits on securing the platform to the greatest extent. This Avast Premium Security system redirects you to secure sites, ensuring you would not land on the spoofed website. When you are looking for how to disable auto avast renewal then follow the below instructions for Cancel Avast Subscription. You can also contact our contact our Avast Support Phone number +1 (855) 625-8271 for better response.

How To Disable Auto Avast Renewal?

Normally, the Avast antivirus Subscription offers you better features suitable for safely accessing the internet. Upon your subscription, the Avast would be auto-renewing the package upon the expiry. It could be quite stressful for most people with the auto-renewable of Avast subscription. For turning off the Auto-Renewal feature in the Avast, you can access the link support.avast.com/refund. Now fill in the information with the cancel request. Use the same e-mail that you have previously used when you have purchased the Avast Subscription package. Now, please be patient for Avast Customer Service to respond to your request. It will automatically confirm about cancellation procedure.

How To Cancel The Avast Subscription Via Avast Account?


Canceling the Avast Subscription package with accessing the account directly would be a great option. You can easily follow the below instructions that, including the

  • Sign in to your Avast or click https://id.avast.com/sign-in  
  • Select “My Subscriptions” tile
  • Locate Avast subscription
  • View the subscription you want to cancel
  • Tap “Unsubscribe“
  • Click “Continue”
  • Tap “let us know why you are unsubscribing” optionally
  • Click ‘Unsubscribe’
  • Review details about your canceled subscription
  • Tap ‘Close’
  • The subscription is now canceled
  • You would receive confirmation of cancellation via email

When you have multiple Avast subscriptions, then you can repeat the steps above for every subscription to cancel it. The procedure will be easily applied to all the Avast consumer products, and they give you a better option for disabling the auto avast renewal. When your Avast subscription is canceled, then the status will automatically change to Expiring. Now you can easily continue using paid Avast products until the expiration date. These will be shown along with the next feature that they expired on. You can either lose access to the Avast product, or the Avast product gets switched to the free version.

Alternative Method For Canceling The Avast Subscription:

When the above feature does not help you to cancel the subscription, then you can refer relevant section below. Adding the missing subscription to Avast Account is one of the spectacular options. When the subscription you want to cancel does not appear on your Avast Account, then you could add the subscription manually. You can easily cancel the subscription with one of the following methods:

  • Click the Avast Subscription link
  • Open Avast unsubscribe request form
  • Request help from Avast
  • Use drop-down menu
  • Select reason for unsubscribing
  • Contact options are available accordingly to current availability as well as region.
  • Select preferred option
  • When more than 1 contact option is available follow the on-screen instructions
  • Cancellation request has been submitted
  • Contact our Avast Support Phone number +1 (800) 795-1564
  • Avast orders are linked to a different Order ID number.

Finding Avast order ID numbers is most important. The main reason is that the cancellation request will be submitted. Avast Support agent automatically contacts you to confirm the request when it is processed. When you have multiple Avast subscriptions, then it is quite a convenient option to repeat the above steps for unsubscription. Normally, the Avast orders will be linked to the separate Order ID number. If the subscription is canceled, then you could easily use paid Avast products until the subscription expires. You would be losing access to Avast products after this date.

How To Cancel Automatic Renewal Via Order Website (Digital River)?

In the modern-day, there is a number of ways available for canceling the Avast Subscription program. Now you have the better option for using the Digital River order website or even using Avast Account. You can follow the below steps for canceling the Avast auto-renewal option. Contact the professional support services if you find it difficult to disable the auto avast renewal. When you like to know how to disable auto avast renewal, then you can easily follow the below steps. When you buy Avast through Digital River, then it is easier to utilize the order site for canceling Automated Renewal.

  • Visit the Digital River website or click https://avast.com/find-order  
  • Enter the order number and password
  • These are found in the initial email you received after your purchase from the address [email protected]   
  • Click ‘find order.’
  • Click on ‘Manage Subscription’
  • Find ‘Automatic Renewals’ on the subscription page
  • Change from ‘On’ to ‘Off’
  • Click ‘Disable Automatic Renewal’
  • Access the web option on the pop-up message
  • Automated renewal will be terminated
  • Make ‘Off’ in ‘Automatic Renewals’
  • Get verification e-mail subject
  • You will be displayed with ‘Avast — Auto-Renewal function has actually been stopped.’

Disabling With Contacting Avast Customer Support:

Contacting our Avast Customer Support is one of the finest ways to disable Automatic Renewal. These are included with both Digital River and Nexway methods. When these services do not work on Canceling the Avast Subscription, then it would be easier to contact our Avast Support Phone number +1 (855) 625-8271.

Avast Antivirus Support

Get A Reimbursement For Avast Auto-Renewal Charge:

When you could not make any possibility to terminate the automatic renewal even prior to the actual charge, then you can easily request a refund in 30 days. Below are the steps to get refund renewal amount


When you cannot cancel the subscription via your Avast Account, then this procedure will be a suitable option. Canceling the subscription before the next billing date would automatically ensure that you would not be charged for the new subscription period.

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