A computer virus is a malicious piece of code or software written for the destruction of data on the device. When your computer or Laptop is infected by the virus, then there could be many possibilities of data crash, slow performance, data hack, increased network traffic, Unknown login items, and many other issues. Installing the Antivirus could be the best option for resolving the problem in your system. Quick Heal antivirus is one of the amazing antivirus applications available that could provide the best result. But, it can also occur problems for your PC, therefore you should also know about “How To Disable Quick Heal Antivirus“. You can also get help from our support team through Live Chat and by calling +1 (855) 625-8271

Installing the Quick Heal on your computer lets you feel your presence at all times along with real-time protection. Sometimes, this antivirus could also reduce the functionality of the system. The main reason is that the Antivirus software would check the hard drives frequently, which could lead to lagging issues. Disabling the Antivirus could be one of the best options for increasing the performance of the device.

How To Disable And Uninstall Quick Heal Antivirus?

How To Disable Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal Antivirus is a security program that protects the PC from malware or even a virus attack. These could also block different websites which could infect the system. When you have installed the software and looking for a quick option, then here is your better way. You can disable the software permanently and uninstall it. Whether you are looking to Disable Quick Heal Antivirus from your system then you can follow the below instructions:

  • Go to the system tray in the right corner of the taskbar
  • Locate the Quick Heal Antivirus icon
  • Click the “Show hidden icons” arrow and locate the Quick Heal Antivirus icon.
  • Right-click on icon
  • Tap Disable Virus Protection option
  • The dialogue box appears to choose a time slot
  • Software turns on automatically
  • Tap the last option, “Permanently disable.”
  • Click ‘OK
  • When you disable it, you need to uninstall the software from the system
  • Right-click ‘Start
  • Choose ‘Apps and Features’ from Win+X Menu.
  • Launch Apps Settings page
  • Tap ‘Quick Heal Antivirus
  • Click the “Uninstall” button
  • Click Uninstall button
  • Tap “Yes
  • uninstallation wizard will show up
  • Choose radio button
  • Remove Quick Heal completely
  • Click “Next
  • Wait for uninstallation to complete
  • Click the “Restart Now” button
  • Finish uninstallation of Quick Heal Antivirus

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How To Disable Quick Heal Notification?

When you are using the Quick Heal Antivirus, you will frequently see the notification of the software. Sometimes, it would be quite irritating to view. Normally, these notifications could be for scanning the PC, updating your antivirus, or any other reasons. Disable Quick Heal Antivirus Notification option anytime with a simple click of buttons. You can easily follow the below steps for disabling them.

  • Go to Quick Heal Tablet Security
  • Tap menu
  • Click General Settings
  • Click Notification Settings
  • Click ‘Enable Notification OFF’

You can also easily turn the notification off in the Quick Heal Tablet Security, so there is no need to worry. It is quite a convenient option to deactivate Quick Heal Tablet Security with the following steps as

  • Open Quick Heal Tablet Security
  • Access General Settings
  • Configure your notifications
  • Click the Notification Settings option
  • Disable the Notification Settings

How To Disable Quick Heal Webcam Protection?

Quick Heal Webcam protection features are quite amazing, and they can be used on the computer or Laptop. Normally, your device could easily open to online scammers as the lack of protection. Cyber-criminals can easily hack devices to get information which could lead to unforeseen issues.  Quick Heal started the Webcam protection systems, which would automatically enable security and privacy. Sometimes, you need to keep the webcam on at all times. Webcam Protection in Quick Heal is of no use during this time. You can easily disable the Quick Heal webcam protection system.

  • Turn on computer
  • Double-click on the Quick Heal Total Security antivirus icon
  • Click the Internet and Network option
  • Click the option enabled for Webcam Protection
  • Click to disable it
  • Click the ‘Save Settings button

How To Disable The Wi-Fi Scanner In Quick Heal?

Securing the Wi-Fi connection is most important for preventing unauthorized access to computer files along with the best internet activity. Wireless networks are a much more convenient option allowing access to the internet even without being connected to the cord. When the networks extend to more than 300 feet from the router, then it would allow anyone to access your home network. You can also disable the Wi-Fi scanner in Quick Heal easily by securing your network.

  • When the router is connected, you can access router settings through a web-based setup page
  • The manufacturer provides a URL with login and password
  • Access router configurations
  • Log in with the default password
  • Find the “administration” or “settings” section
  • Disable wifi scanner
  • Click ok


Even after uninstallation, system stores could have entries of antivirus. Remove those items either manually with a third party or delete a few related registry keys. You can follow the above steps for disabling Quick Heal Antivirus on windows 10.

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