Is your desktop under threat from malicious hackers, viruses, and malware? Would you like to know the best solution? Well, panda antivirus is a good choice! It is one of the leading software in the industry, protecting the user for decades. Now, it refers to Panda Dome, which has a user-friendly interface. Install Panda Antivirus on your computer and protect them from the rootkits, viruses, online frauds, and spyware. 

On the other hand, the antivirus provides real-time security against banker Trojans. The software will safeguard the photo, video, chat, and other files depending on a better protection system. In addition, Panda Cloud is simple to install on the desktop because it is lightweight, which meets the fundamental system configuration. Some antivirus packages offer risk-free thirty days money-back guarantee. So, you can select the right one which suits your requirements.

Do you need to Install Panda Antivirus on your computer? Well, this post will help you. Here, you can get tips for installing panda antivirus software on the Windows and Mac OS. 

Install Panda Antivirus on Windows

If you have a windows desktop, you can install the Panda Antivirus software on your device to protect your desktop. It is not difficult to download and install the new version of the panda software. Take a look at panda antivirus downloading and installation steps for windows:

  • First, you can purchase the panda software online. 
  • After buying the antivirus, panda security will send the buyer the welcome email with the activation code. You can find instructions in the mail that will simplify the installation procedure. Locate the welcome email in the inbox and click the download button.
  • If anyone cannot find an antivirus welcome email, you can contact the panda customer support team. They will send the welcome email again.
  • Access the panda account. Those who don’t see the panda product can click I have an activation code button 
  • Now, enter the activation code properly 

Note – The activation code is one-time valid for downloading antivirus on windows. 

Install Panda Antivirus on Windows
  • Create a new panda account 
  • Otherwise, the person can enter the login address and password to access the software if they have a panda account. 
  • Pick the Panda product. Click on the I have code button to enter the activation code if you cannot see the antivirus product.
  • You will see different kinds of protections the antivirus software includes. Hit on the cloud icon for downloading the panda product you desire.
  • Note that the Activation Code will appear under platform type to protect
  • Double-click the downloaded antivirus software file and follow the installation guidelines. The activation code will be pre-filled in the text box on the wizard’s first screen. 
  • Or enter the activation code manually and click on the continue button 
  • Lastly, click on the Open Now button to complete the installation procedure and set up your Panda account.

Congratulations! Now, panda antivirus software is ready to use on your computer. 

Install Panda Antivirus on Mac OS

Install Panda Antivirus on Mac OS

Installing the panda antivirus for Mac operating systems is hassle-free. It does not matter whether you are installing the antivirus on your device for the first time or reinstalling it after a desktop format; the installation process is similar. Let’s see a few steps to Install Panda Antivirus:

Specify System Requirements To Install Panda Antivirus

Install antivirus software only if your desktop meets the following requirements. 

  • Mac Computer with Intel Core 2 Duo processor 
  • Mac OS High Sierra, Mac OS x 10.8 or maximum 
  • 1.5 GB hard disk 

Run Software 

  • The user needs to double click the PAVMAC.dmg file on the disc where you downloaded it. A window appears with a few guidelines that lead the user through the software installation procedure. 
  • Click on the continue button after every step during the installation process. It is possible to go back whenever you desire by pressing the Go Back option. 

Installation Steps

  • If anyone creates an administrative password while setting up the desktop, entering the computer’s administrative password is essential. 

Note – if you forgot the password, you could contact the individual who set up the Mac OS on your device at first. 

  • After completing the installation process, you should restart the Mac device. 
  • Click the Restart button to restart the desktop and activate the antivirus program. 

Contact Our Panda Antivirus Support For Help


If you want guidelines to Install Panda Antivirus on a Windows or Mac device, you can contact our panda antivirus support team. The technician provides you with procedures for downloading and installing the antivirus software. Submit the ticket to speak with the support team conveniently. The customer would expect a response from the team within the same day. 

Presently, the company provides live chat, email, and phone support for panda antivirus users. Some of Panda’s rivals provide lots of swift support. Those looking for the answer to the particular questions can use the forum or library on Panda’s site. In this platform, you can find lots of questions such as how to install panda products, forget passwords, and others.  

Panda premium users access customer support technical around the clock through chat and phone. They can get a quick solution from the technician with virus removal, software installation, and other processes. Individuals can have such support service only if they purchase an expensive antivirus plan. 

Use customer service phone number +1 (855) 625-8271 to contact the panda support department. The company holds experienced technicians to provide the most excellent service, keeping the user happy. Other customers only contact the support team through the email support request form.

Features of Panda Antivirus

Panda Dome will satisfy both advanced users and newbies. It operates on different platforms and provides customized plans to suit everyone’s needs. Each antivirus package has lots of extra features that offer the best experience. Even a free plan offers 150MB of VPN traffic every day that protects your sensitive data while you use public hotspots on your device. Let’s see some interesting features of Panda Antivirus Software:

  • The software comes with password management that auto-saves and auto-fills the password. It will check the strength of the password and security. 
  • Parental control features allow the parent to keep their child safe by blocking unwanted sites.
  • The user can track the location of iOS, Android, and Windows devices with the help of anti-track tools. 
  • Web protection will protect the device from malicious link detection, phishing websites, etc. 
  • You can scan the USB for viruses, spyware, and others through USB protection. 
  • A data shield is the best feature that stops the app from the gain access to particular files and protects them against hackers and ransomware.

The new version of the antivirus software provides better protection compared to the previous version. It ensures that the panda demo detects 100% of viruses and malware on the computer. For this reason, many people prefer the panda antivirus software to protect their devices from the virus. After installing the re-branding software, you can enjoy the incredible wallpaper background and modern features.


Panda is good antivirus software that offers amazing virus protection. If you are a new panda software user, you can easily install Panda Antivirus on your device using the steps mentioned above. Software is equipped with extra features such as file encryption, password management, etc. It allows the user to take the spyware from the infected desktop and laptop.

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