Email is one of the easiest ways for people to get viruses and malware onto their computers. If you need to identify a malicious attack for preventing the company’s data, you should scan the email. The email scanning measures attachments and URLs in all emails before receiving them. Many viruses are propagated through the attachment of the email. If you need to download attachments, email scan software runs automatically and identifies viruses. You should know how to Scan Emails For virus before downloading the attachment to the desktop. 

Email scanning software has features like trade content control, DLP policy, flag email, the latest threat intelligence, and advanced threat intelligence. It helps you to contain any threats and viruses in the email. Besides, it works automatically to check the URLs, files, and quarantine emails which increases the protection. Do you need to scan emails for malware and virus? Well, this post will help you to scan emails for virus effortlessly. You can also get help from our support team through Live Chat and by calling +1 (855) 625-8271

How To Scan Emails For Virus

When the malware gets into the computer, it causes serious damage. One of the common techniques the hacker uses is an email attachment. With the help of .pdf and .docx extensions, hackers send a virus to a third party. Those who are using the Linux-based desktop don’t want to scan the email. It is easy to send viruses to windows computers through email. Therefore, it is vital to scan all emails and block threats instantly. The followings are some tips that help you to scan email for threats:

  • Find emails containing files, which you need to download. You should confirm for paperclip icon near the subject line of the email. 
  • Click on the documents in the email. Select the save button to download attachments on the desktop. The location of the save button will differ according to the email application you are using. 
  • After clicking on the save button, you will receive a notification from antivirus software. Those who do not like to utilize third-party applications can utilize Microsoft Security Essentials. It enables you to scan the document without trouble. 

The attachment will move to delete permanently or quarantine from the desktop or other devices according to the antivirus software result. 

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How To Scan Emails For The Virus in Outlook

How To Scan Emails For The Virus in Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook now includes an email anti-virus extension if you are using Kaspersky antivirus software. Outlook’s antivirus settings allow the user to find out what emails are being scanned for threat events. Mail antivirus scans incoming emails in Microsoft Office Outlook first. Afterward, the mail antivirus extension scans the message for viruses and alerts the user of any threats. 

The notification window verifies whether the software removes viruses and threats in the email message. Malware removal is performed by the antivirus software if you pick the option delete in the software notification. Here are some tips to modify the email scan setting in MS office outlook:

  • Go to the Microsoft Outlook application window and click the file tab 
  • Hit on setting button 
  • Choose plug-ins section
  • Click add-in options 

In addition, the email antivirus extension for MS outlook can scan both sending and receiving emails, which transmits through IMAP, POP3, NNTP, and other protocols.

How To Scan Emails for Virus on iPhone

How To Scan Emails For The Virus in Iphone

Currently, most people use their cell phones for various purposes. Keeping your iPhone safe from malware requires you to know how to scan emails. The iPhone is not infected with malware. Sandboxing allows the application to protect another application space from being attacked. The website may have access to the email address and other details that are used in different ways. Below are instructions for how to scan emails for threats on iPhone.  

  • First, you should install the antivirus app on your iPhone. There are many antivirus apps in the iOS app store. 
  • It will scan both the email attachment and the entire iPhone. If any files are viruses, the scan must find out them and provide options like safe quarantine or delete the malware documents. 
  • You can choose the option at your convenience. 
  • Just click on what you need to scan. It will scan the item and give the result faster. 

Installing the best antivirus app is the best way to protect the device and critical files. Download the scanned attachments from the email on your iPhone and stay in peace. 

Best Email Scanning Tools

If you send or receive emails regularly and need to Scan Emails For virus, you can install the scanning software on your device. The window has inbuilt antivirus features that spot viruses and threats on the device and email files. Here are some popular email scanning tools with amazing features:

  • If you are looking for antivirus software with inbuilt email protection features, there is no better option than AVG. It develops the gateway to protect documents and files from the third-party email server. In addition, the software scans encrypted messages and eliminates the virus in real-time. It helps to protect email communication from hackers. 
  • One of the most popular antivirus apps is Norton which scans both outbound and inbound emails. It develops the anti-spam database to direct the virus mail. Therefore, you don’t want to worry about junk messages.  
  • Bitdefender is the leading cyber protection, which scans the virus emails in the attachment. The scanning mode of the application comes with real-time protection systems that block malware and threats with doubtful behavior instantly. It keeps both the sending and receiving of email safe.  
  • If you need to maintain email security on your computer, you can install comodo. It has cloud-based spam, which blocks viruses on the SMTP and IMAP servers. Comodo is free to use and supports different operating systems. 

Scanning sending and receiving emails are important to protect the desktop from the virus. Hackers use email to introduce the virus to innocent people. By using the above-mentioned tips, you can Scan Emails For virus. If you need to avoid hacking, you should turn on the security features offered by the operating system of the device and utilize antivirus solutions. It enables real-time scanning and spotting of doubtful emails to add extra security. 

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