Are you having any doubts regarding Norton Antivirus Email Scanning? If yes, then stay with this guide and gather complete details. In general, you can easily protect your email account through the Norton Antivirus Email Scanning feature.

Using this antivirus software, you can scan all your incoming and outgoing email messages for security purposes. You can install this antivirus on your device to protect your email messages from security threats and dangerous viruses.

You can set the configuration according to your need. Proceed further with this guide and find how Norton Antivirus Email Scanning can be useful to protect email messages. You can also get help from our support team through Live Chat and by calling +1 (855) 625-8271.

Norton Antivirus Email Scanning:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable the Norton Antivirus Email Scanning feature:

  • First, launch the antivirus software
  • Then click Norton Antivirus -> Status -> Email Scanning
  • Click the email scanning option
  • Finally, the email scanning option can be enabled

Procedure To Scan Email For Viruses With Norton:

Procedure To Scan Email For Viruses With Norton

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to scan email for viruses with the Norton Antivirus Email Scanning feature, Contact with our Nortan Chat team for better help:

  • Norton Antivirus Email Scanning protects email messages and then solves your threats.
  • Then you have to open the Norton Email Antivirus Scan on your device.
  • Click the scan option from the available two options: scan outgoing email messages and scan incoming email messages.
  • You can either enable both options or click any one based on your requirement.
  • Then click the save option.
  • After that, you can set how to respond when an outbound threat is found.
  • Fix the threat by enabling the Ask me what to do or Automatically remove (Recommended) option

Use Norton’s Email Breach Detection Tool:

Norton's Email Breach Detection Tool

After creating the Norton LifeLock account, you can use Norton’s Email Breach tool. Follow the below-mentioned instructions when you don’t have any LifeLock account to create the account and breach all required information.

  • At first, visit Norton official site and get into its login page
  • If you have the account, then enter your user id and password to open the account
  • If not, you have to choose the Enroll Now link
  • Then you have to create a new LifeLock account
  • After that, go to the Email Breach Detection Tool and then check whether your personal information has been breached
  • Do the on-screen instructions to complete the LifeLock account creation process

Norton Email Encryption:

Norton Email Encryption can be useful to protect the information by scrambling the readable text. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to enable or disable the encrypted emails option.

  • First, open this antivirus program.
  • Then click the consumer option next to the consumer policy.
  • Choose the keys panel by navigating to the default tab.
  • Click the edit option. 
  • Click the checkbox over the ‘allow users to receive encrypted mail’ option when you need to enable the Norton email protection option.
  • Deselect the ‘allow users to receive encrypted mail’ option to disable the email protection feature
  • Click the save option after enabling or disabling the option.

Norton Spam Email:

Norton’s AntiSpam application can be helpful for you to categorize messages into certain types like spam email and legitimate email. 

The methods or techniques that are useful for categorizing email messages are mentioned below:

  • Whitelist technique
  • Patented filtering
  • Blacklist technique

Norton Report Phishing Email:

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to report the phishing email message to the Norton antivirus software:

  • First, have to sign in to Norton’s report suspected phishing website.
  • Enter the URL code in the text field
  • Fill the review field
  • Then click the I accept option
  • Continue the process by entering the security character
  • At last, you have to click the Submit option
  • Norton can analyze the issue and then contact you when the problem is solved

Norton Antivirus Email Protection:

You can effectively protect your email messages with the help of Norton Antivirus Email Protection software. Here the email program has to use non-SSL POP3 or SMTP communication protocol. Norton Antivirus could not protect the email program when it does not use such a protocol. You can install the Norton Antivirus Email Scan application on the system and then configure it according to your requirement. 

Norton Antivirus Email Problems:

Norton’s antivirus email application can be effectively useful for protecting incoming and outgoing email messages. At some point in time, you may have to possibility of facing issues through Norton antivirus while protecting email messages. According to the expert’s guidance, you can fix such problems by following the troubleshooting procedure. 

The common troubleshooting options instructed by experts are downloading and running the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and uninstalling the non-Symantec Security product on your device. If the issue still exists, you can get help from technical experts.

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Norton Blocking Incoming Email:

When this antivirus program is blocking your incoming email messages, then you can disable it by following the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Click the Norton Antivirus Scan icon.
  • Go to the option on your User Interface screen
  • Choose the Email link option. 
  • Select the Toggle option over the Scan incoming Email option.
  • Click the Save option.

Norton Blocking Outgoing Email:

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to disable the Norton antivirus software:

  • Click the Norton Antivirus Scan icon.
  • Then click Options -> User Interface -> Scan Outgoing Email -> Disable -> Save.

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Final verdict:

From the scenario mentioned above, now you have got an idea about the Norton Antivirus Email Scanning feature. If you get stuck at any time, feel free to contact us immediately. We have dedicated tech experts to handle all your Norton Antivirus issue. Tech support of software provides an excellent solution for all users.

Norton antivirus offers enough protection from all viruses. Experts offer professional tech support services for clients facing issues with operating antivirus. It is the major source to access the computer without finding any problems. Antivirus support help solves risks easily and quickly.

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